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The Indian Ministry of Environment (MoE) published guidelines for an expanded extended producer responsibility (EPR) program for plastic packaging within the country in February 2022, which is effective immediately. Applied to both pre- and post-consumer plastic waste, the program sets increasingly strict recycling targets for plastic producers, importers, and brand-owners starting at a minimum of 25% of plastics recycled this year.

Whereas categories for tubes are not explicitly set in the Indian scheme, it can reasonably be expected that plastic tubes will be regarded as Rigid Packaging as it is the case both in the EU (PRE) and in the US (APR).

Make your products ready now.
Pay less fees tomorrow.
Generate credits you can sell.


Brand owner‘s responsibility


up to 100%
of the plastic packaging weight
you sell in the market


up to 80%
of the collected Plastic
Packaging weight


up to 60%
by weight for your own
Plastic packaging

Contract Neopac's capacity now

Cut collection obligations

by up to 46%

Adopt Recycling-ready

tailored for the existing HDPE recycling stream

Incorporate recyclate

up to 75%
without aesthetic

3D has invested over INR 600 millions in equipment and R&D to develop reduced weight, mono material and PCR packaging solutions The solutions are available today in limited capacities to be allocated contractually on a first come first served basis.

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