Lightweight Coex Tube
Less Material, More Responsibility.

The Neopac India novelty

Introducing the Lightweight Coex Tube: your choice for reduced environmental impact!

Developed with a thinner wall and less material, the Lightweight Coex Tube successfully cuts material use by 45%, conserving resources while maintaining top-quality performance. This design not only reduces the tube’s plastic content but also supports efficient packaging practices.

Opt for the Lightweight Coex Tube and experience a significant decrease in material usage. Adopt this leaner, greener packaging solution that aligns with your sustainability goals without sacrificing functionality. Switch now and take a step towards a more sustainable future.

Why Lightweight Coex Tubes?

Eco-Conscious Efficiency 
The Lightweight Coex Tube elevates your brand in sustainable packaging solutions. Its reduced material design minimizes environmental impact while providing an exceptional handling experience that stands out on the shelf. This tube combines optimal functionality with sustainability, aligning perfectly with your brand’s environmental commitment.

Dream big on customization
We offer Offset, screen and screen+ Flexo printing options on Light weight Coex tube. The advantage: virtually unlimited design customization and tube decoration options.

Lightweight packaging
The 350 micron Lightweight Coex Tube lining saves  30% plastics compared to a convention COEX tube.

Easy filling and sealing
Lightweight Coex Tube is uncompromising: you can easily fill and seal it on standard tube filling lines.



  • Natural / Organic cosmetics
  • Skincare products
  • Body lotion
  • Suncare products


Up to 45% less plastics
50 mm
Offset printing
Screen printing
Screen+Flexographic printing
Food grade
PP Standard Flip-top Cap (glossy, matt, with sleeve)
PE/PP LowPro Flip-top Cap (glossy, with sleeve)
100 - 250 ml
PE Push-on head
Wall thickness
0.35 mm with Standard cap
0.40 with LowPro Cap