Coex PCR Tube
Made with post-consumer recycled (PCR) material

The Neopac India novelty

Introducing the Coex PCR Tube: your partner in sustainable packaging innovation!

Crafted with up to 35% post-consumer recycled material, the Coex PCR Tube is designed to minimize the use of virgin plastics. Its multi-layer structure not only boosts product protection but also integrates seamlessly across our packaging tube range, available in sizes from 5 ml to 250 ml.

Choose the Coex PCR Tube to drastically reduce your use of new plastics and reach your EPR goals. Embrace this recyclable, high-quality solution that advances your sustainability efforts and supports the government’s circular economy initiatives. Switch to Coex PCR Tubes now and help forge a greener tomorrow.

Why Coex PCR Tubes?

Sustainability and Innovation
The Coex PCR Tube enhances your brand’s sustainability initiatives with a design that extends product life and improves consumer interaction. Its durable construction and excellent handling qualities differentiate your products on the shelves, aligning with your environmental commitments.

Customization Options
Our Coex PCR tubes offer various printing options, including Offset, Screen, and Hybrid Screen + Flexographic printing. Additionally, features like hot foiling and registered UV varnish provide opportunities for unique brand expression.

EcoDesign Packaging
With up to 35% post-consumer recycled content from Indian, US, or EU sources, the Coex PCR tube helps reduce reliance on virgin plastics. This supports your efforts in minimizing plastic waste and enhancing sustainability.

Production Efficiency
The Coex PCR tube is designed to be compatible with standard tube filling lines, ensuring easy integration into your production process without sacrificing efficiency. Adopting sustainable practices is straightforward and advantageous.


  • Natural / Organic cosmetics
  • Skincare products
  • Body lotion
  • Suncare products


Coex PCR
Up to 35% PCR content in the tube, with or without EVOH barrier
19/25/30/35/40/50 mm
Offset printing
Screen Printing
Flexography + Screen Printing
Food grade (FDA NOL / EU reference)
Non-Food grade PCR
Ø19/25/30/35/40/50 mm
PP Standard Screw-on, Nozzle, bevel, Flip-top Cap (glossy, matt, with sleeve)
Ø40/50 mm
PE/PP LowPro Flip-top Cap (glossy, with sleeve)
40 - 200 ml
rPE Screw-on head/ rPE Push-on head
Wall thickness
0.4 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.55 mm